From a cameo part as accent Diamonds to a starring roll in ‘Sex and the City’ Black Diamonds are a sparkling enigma that hold a curiosity for many. So what should you know about Black Diamonds? In this ‘Adorn Answers’ blog post we’ll offer you some insider information about this most unusual stone.

How do Black Diamonds get their colour?

Most naturally coloured Black Diamonds get their colour from minute mineral inclusion such as graphite ,pyrite or hematite. They are usually completely opaque with a high lustre that make the Diamond look almost metallic, a fabulous combination when paired with a matt finish on a white metal such as Platinum or Palladium As many naturally Black Diamonds contain these inclusions, cutting and polishing is a difficult task requiring great skill.

The majority of a Black Diamonds used in jewellery today including ones we use at Adorn have been treated induce the colour using a safe artificial irradiation treatment to produce the fabulous black colour you see in our Diamonds.

Caring for Black Diamonds 

Due to the possibility that Black Diamonds may contain tiny microscopic fractures they can be a little more vulnerable than traditional Diamonds. We would advise to treat them with care when cleaning, avoid steaming or ultrasonic cleaners and use a soft, dry cloth or for a deeper clean some warm water with a tiny bit of washing up liquid on a soft baby’s toothbrush.

Black Diamonds are certainly a different, statement piece of jewellery which will be noticed and greatly admired. Perfect for those with a flair for the dramatic. Have a look at our Black Diamond Engagement Rings Here  .

Our thanks to the Gemmological Institute of America for some of the references we’ve used here.

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