In our ‘Adorn Answers’ blog posts we will endeavour to share our expertise from the jewellery world to help you in choosing your perfect piece of jewellery.

In this blog post we’all be having a look at White Gold and answering some of our most frequently asked questions. So put the kettle on and pop your feet up while we chat about White Gold.

White Gold has grown in popularity over the past few decades to become one of the most asked for metals at Adorn especially for Wedding and Engagement Rings. Along with other white metals such as Silver, Palladium and Platinum it is cooler in colour and can show Diamonds off to their perfect sparkle in a different way to Yellow Gold which can make Diamonds seem to have a yellow tint.

White Gold as a metal doesn’t actually exists, it is an alloy of Yellow Gold with whiter metals such as Palladium or Silver with a plate of Rhodium – a very hard metal that is closely related to Platinum- on top to provide a bright white finish. At Adorn we use a brilliant white alloy so even when your Rhodium plate begins to wear you won’t notice an immediate difference in the colour. This is different to many cheaper White Gold Jewellery pieces found elsewhere on the high street and online that will begin to look yellow after a period of time.

However even our brilliant White Gold will need to be re Rhodium plated at some point, it’s a quick process that usually takes a few days and your jewellery will come back looking splendid! My top tip if you don’t like the thought of leaving your jewellery to have the re-Rhodium plate reapplied is to consider another white metal such as Palladium or Platinum. If you do decide to choose White Gold from Adorn as a Wedding or Engagement Ring you should expect to have it replated every 18 months – 2 years.

As with traditional Yellow Gold , White Gold comes in different alloys. At Adorn we usually work with 9ct and 18ct White Gold. 18ct is more precious as it contains more Gold, a minimum of 750 parts per 1,000 or 75%. If you are choosing a Wedding Ring we recommend keeping the carats the same, 9ct with 9ct and 18ct with 18ct. As 18ct contains more Gold it is softer therefore a harder metal such as 9ct Gold would wear against it .  Although this would take years to show it is worth keeping in mind whilst choosing your ring.

Hopefully we’ve answered some of your questions about White Gold, if you would like anymore information feel free to Contact Us , we’re always happy to chat about jewellery.

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