Cosy up and take a peek at new jewellery for this season with our Autumn Edit.

Each new season is a great excuse to add a new piece to your jewellery collection weather it is a fabulous statement piece such as our Amber Stag necklace our something more subtle like our amber arrow earrings.  As the evenings start to get darker and we look towards cosy jumpers and chunky knitwear our jewellery collection comes under scrutiny.  Necklaces become longer at this time of year as we start to layer and wear over roll neck tops and earrings need to sit comfortably with hats.  My top tip for you as Autumn and Winter descend is to add a pair of butterfly backs (the kind found on stud earrings) to your hook earrings for extra security.  Countless times I have caught my earring in a fluffy scarf and nearly hooked them out!

The fashion this season sees a lot of mustard and navy so I’ve chosen some amber jewellery that will sit perfectly.  I always adore silver too as this can mix and match so be brave and choose something with a little bit of  texture if you’re used to plain.  I always find bangles are easier to wear in the Autumn and Winter months as they withstand hiding up sleeves and being stuffed into mittens a little bit better than a chain bracelet for example.

Talking of mittens, do you wear rings in the Autumn?  I find that mittens are far better than gloves as you can fit your bigger rings inside without squashing them to your hands.  The change of the season is a good time to check your rings too.  If they’re feeling a little loose then a slender plain ring fitted on top works well as a ‘keeper ring’ to ensure that your rings don’t slip off those chilly fingers.  You can always move them to a bigger finger for the Winter too which helps change up your look (and free up fingers for more rings!!)  My way of dealing with this is to have Summer Rings and Winter Rings which are slightly different sizes but then any excuse for me to add to my jewellery collection is a good one..!

We would love to hear if you change your jewellery with the seasons, let us know below.

Wishing you a warm, cosy, sparkly Autumn

Laura Jo, Adam and Gandalf at Adorn xx

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