Dreaming of the green and rolling hills of Ireland? Connemara Marble may be the jewellery that you’ve always wanted but never heard of! Typically green in colour, Connemara Marble is a rare form of marble found in Connemara, Ireland. Formed when limestone is heated under pressure, deposits date back 600 million years.  Connemara marble can be found in many different places but one of the finest examples is the sensational floor of Galway Cathedral.  Mined in Ireland for centuries it is still used in many ways today including Jewellery, flooring and kitchen worktops.  Taken from the Gaelic, the word ‘Connemara’ means ‘Inlets of the Sea’ and it is one of the rarest forms of marble in the world

Why we love Connemara Marble

We fell in love with Connemara marble for it’s beautiful array of colours and the wonderful markings displayed in the stone.  We decided that we would like a collection for Adorn to keep with our mission to bring you unusual gemstones from around the world. Our Connemara Marble Jewellery Collection is predominantly green in varying shade from a pale, soft green which is similar in colour (although not texture) to Jade to a darker green where the marble is more prominent.  Our Connemara Collection is handmade and set in silver.  Due to the nature of natural marble, no two pieces are the same.  This means that each piece of our Connemara Jewellery is as unique as you are!

Gemstone Care

As with all natural gemstones, it’s important that you protect your special jewellery from knocks and scrapes which can damage your Connemara Marble.  When you’re not wearing your jewellery take it off and keep nice and safe in your Adorn box or a soft jewellery pouch.  Remember that jewellery is an adornment so tasks such as housework and gardening don’t play well with gemstones.  Remove your jewellery before carrying out tasks such as these ( or better still, get someone else to do the task for you!)

Remember to perform your ablutions before putting on your jewellery.  If it does happen to come into contact with perfume or hairspray, a gentle wipe with a soft cloth is all that’s needed to bring back the shine.  For the silver parts of your jewellery, a silver cloth can be used.  It’s important that you don’t use silver dip or similar as this can damage your gemstones.  We don’t recommend using ultra sonic cleaners for your Connemara Marble.  A soft cloth, such as you’d find in your glasses or sunglasses case, is all that you need.


Just like the ‘Emerald Isle’ of Ireland, Connemara comes many shades of green.  The green colour is due to the presence of the mineral Serpentine.  The more Serpentine that is present, the deeper the shade of green.  Shade of grey and brown can also be seen in this wonderful marble.



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