Adorn Answers – What is Pewter?

The venerable alloy of pewter is made of 92% tin. Copper and antimony harden it and enhance casting. During most of the 20th century the tin used to make pewter was mined in Cornwall.  Majestic granite steam engine houses dominated the landscape. Today, sadly, Cornish tin mining is no more. The picturesque ruins of Cornwall’s industrial past add to the romance and mystery of Kernow.

Pewter rose in popularity during the Middle Ages, replacing wooden tableware in well-to-do households. Enduring and malleable, it acquires an attractive patina with age.  It can be fashioned into almost any form desired. Unrivalled until the 19th century, pewter-ware was exported to all the corners of the world.  Its quiet dignity and venerable history makes it a wonderful choice for jewellery and gift-ware.

Pewter jewellery is a medium hard metal that ages well and develops a greyish patina over time. You can leave it to age (as many do) or use a soft cloth and rub to bring back a lustrous shine.

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