2021 is absolutely the year of the staycation. With fewer of of us jetting off for our holidays this year we’ve taken to our British seaside resorts and often that means a simpler holiday.  Read on for my guide to simple staycation jewellery style

Simplicity is honestly not the first word I’d associate with myself.  I’m a ‘more is more’ person, especially when it comes to jewellery.  For holidays though, I do like to keep a simple jewellery wardrobe.  There are a few reasons, it’s easier to keep track of my jewellery if I don’t take too many pieces and often when I have a holiday in the UK we do a lot of fossil hunting and dog walking, so the need for jewellery is a little more limited.

Evening at Runswick Bay

My ‘jewellery to pack’ list usually looks something like

  • stud earrings
  • drop earrings
  • collar or torque
  • pendant
  • bangle
  • rings
  • anklet
  • brooch

I often like to theme my collection to take away and this holiday was ‘The Great British Seaside’.  My list was even more simple than usual this time.  I took two pairs of stud earrings as I knew that I’d be wearing a hat.  If I’m wearing a hat or cap I usually stick to stud earrings so I haven’t got too much going on!  I took my new halo torque which has barely left my neck since I added it to my collection a couple of weeks ago and our Beach Hut Hideaway Pendant which is just perfect for a holiday by the sea.  

beach hut hideaway pendant

I particularly like the cheerful colours of the enamel and it’s now officially my lucky pendant for good weather, each time I wear this piece the sun makes an appearance!

beach hut hideaway pendant

beach hut hideaway pendant

I like to add a splash of colour to my outfits using jewellery with gemstones or enamel.  The sunshine yellow of this pendant really brings to mind building sandcastles on the beach doesn’t it?  I love the sweet little love heart on the front door and the rose gold finish of the bucket and spade.  If I could magic this hut to full size I’d quite enjoy living here I’m sure..

beach hut hideaway pendant by the sea


Very simple earrings for this holiday and still on the beach theme.  I choose my Tiny Cockle Shell Stud Earrings.  They’re simple, sweet and perfect for that trip to the beach.  Plain silver goes with every outfit and so I knew that I’d probably wear just this one pair of earrings all holiday.

silver cockle shell studs

I love wearing shells whilst searching for shells in the sand.  I think beach combing is one of my favourite pastimes.  I love seeing what I can find on the seashore and making up stories for why each thing is there.  Broken pottery, sea glass and bits of metal are all hidden treasure to me!

tiny cockle shell earrings

The staple piece that I mentioned in my list was my new halo torque.  Borne from a conversation with one of my favourite silversmiths, the torque is a new collection at Adorn and Acorn.  The comfortable round shape sits just off the neck and is so comfortable on warmer days.  I wore mine as a plain piece for this holiday but we’ve made sure that the fastening parts are slim enough so you can add your pendants and give them a different look.

I really enjoy wearing torques all year round but in Summer they’re especially useful.  Let me tell you when you’ve got pale English Rose (or Irish Lilly) skin, there is a lot of suncream involved in every holiday, even when it’s in North Yorkshire.  I’m usually very well behaved and put my jewellery on once my suncream has dried but often I have to reapply which is not good news for my chains!  This is where a collar or torque is simply perfect.  The halo torque especially sits just off the neck and is so light you often feel as though you’re not wearing it at all.  When reapplying suncream it’s so easy to give your torque a wipe and polish to bring it back to perfect. 

halo torque on beach rock - edit

Of course I had to take my new ammonite ring too.  Ammonites absolutely fascinate me.  To wear something that’s millions of years old is just an incredible heritage and something I truly appreciate each time I put on a piece of my ammonite jewellery.  The whorls and lines are endlessly wonderful and I could just look at ammonite jewellery all day. 

This ring is certainly a statement piece and an absolute joy to wear.  It forms part of my personal collection but if you would like something similar then do keep an eye on our website, there will be more ammonite jewellery coming soon and in different forms, pendants etc so you may just find the perfect piece to fall in love with.  As with all natural stones and gemstones, each piece is unique and often sold before I have the chance to display it in the shop.  The best way to find out what’s new is to join our Facebook Live Show each Friday at 7pm.  I showcase all of our new pieces and you have a chance to buy them straight away.  We have a truly lovely community of ‘sparklies’ that join each week so do come along and watch.

ammonite ring posting postcards


ammonite ring on fossil bed

The last piece in my simple jewellery holiday wardrobe is my tapered oval bangle, affectionately called my ‘thick thin’ bangle.  This is such a simple piece but goes with absolutely everything.  If you pop into the shop or see one of my (many) selfies on Instagram, I’ll often layer it with other bangles as I like a ‘big’ look on my wrist.  For this holiday I wore her alone, a really simple look but still that satisfying bangle feeling on my wrist.  The great thing about bangles is that they move around your wrist.  I know that sounds like an obvious thing to say but when you’re thinking about holiday jewellery it’s good to think of which pieces might leave a tan line.  Am I being optimistic for North Yorkshire?  This bangle is perfect. Solid, sleek and very wearable.  It’s one that I chose as an addition to our popular contemporary collection and she’s just become so popular!

thick thin bangle

I think everyone should have a classic silver bangle in their jewellery armoire.  They’re so timeless and elegant as well as being super easy to wear.

I hope you’ve enjoyed a tour of my holiday jewellery.  I’d love for you to hear all of our latest news and styling tips so do join us over on our Facebook page and Instagram too.

With Love & Sparkles,

Laura Jo ✨✨

LJ & G on the beach

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