Platinum Jubilee Hallmark Reinstated

Last week I wrote about the withdrawal of the Platinum Jubilee Hallmark.  The mark to commemorate the 70 year reign of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II was withdrawn as a mark of respect upon her death.

There have been calls however, myself among them, to keep the hallmark for the duration of the Platinum Jubilee year as a continued celebration of a wonderful and historic reign. After consultation with the King’s Assay Master, the four Assay Offices of the UK announced the mark will be available again.

The Platinum Jubilee Hallmark will be available from Tuesday the 20th of September until the end of 2022.

The Platinum Jubilee Hallmark is a Commemorative Mark.  A Commemorative Mark is a hallmark which celebrates major events.  Recent commemorative marks include the Silver Jubilee 1934~1935, The Coronation ~ 1953, The Silver Jubilee ~ 1977, The Millenium ~ 1999-2000, The Golden Jubilee ~ 2002, The Diamond Jubilee ~ 2012 and The Platinum Jubilee ~ 2022.

Commemorative Marks are optional hallmarks which can be added alongside the Date Letters and Traditional Marks.

hallmark info

The hallmark for The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee depicts an orb.  Designed by Thomas Fattorini Ltd, the approval process took over a year.

Platinum Jubilee Hallmark

          The Platinum Jubilee Hallmark

We’re so pleased to hear that the decision has been made to re-instate this special hallmark.  Jewellery, history and heritage often go hand in hand and The Platinum Jubilee Hallmark is a wonderful celebration of Her Majesty’s historic reign.

You can read the statement from the Assay Office here

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