We’re in love with our new Flamingo Collection from Bill Skinner. These beautiful birds are just fascinating to watch and we can learn a lot from them too. Read on for five life lessons from Flamingos…

1. Stand out from the crowd
With their beautiful bright pink colouring, flamingos are unmissable. They’re a great reminder to dress as though each day is special, because it is!

2. Go for what you want
When Flamingos see food that they like, typically shrimp, snails or algae, they plunge their head into the water, twist around and use their beak as a shovel! Sometimes you have to be flexible in pursuit of your goals…

3.It’s great to work as a team
Flamingos build their nests as a mound of mud and lay one egg on top. Both parents take it in turns to keep the egg warm until it hatches, which usually takes about 30 days.

4. Celebrate yourself
International Flamingo day falls on the 26th of April each year. It falls on the birthday of John James Audubon who produced the picture of the Flamingo for the book ‘The Birds of America’

5. Enjoy time with your friends
A group of Flamingos is called a ‘Flamboyance’. Get your friends together and paint the town… pink!
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