Adorn Answers ~ what are lab grown diamonds?

Today in our ever popular ‘Adorn Answers’ series ( she writes, modestly) we’ll have a closer look at lab grown diamonds.

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So what are Lab Grown Diamonds?

Simply put, a Lab Grown Diamond is a diamond which has been grown in a laboratory instead of bring mined from the Earth.  Chemically identical to a Natural Diamond, a Lab Grown Diamond is created in the same conditions.  There are two methods of creating Lab Grown Diamonds, we’ll have a look at each separately below.


The HPHT – Hight Pressure High Temperature  – method replicates the natural process of Diamond formation underneath the Earth’s crust, like a giant pressure cooker.

💎 Pure carbon is pressed within a metal cube and exposed to immense heat and pressure through electric pulses. 

💎Eventually the carbon breaks down and crystallises into a Diamond. 

The way Diamonds are formed is often a comfort to me in times of stress, I remember that when carbon is put under extreme pressure it turns into something rare and beautiful. 

HPHT lab grown diamond diagram

image ~ IGI


CVD – Chemical Vapour Disposition – superheats gas into plasma releasing carbon atoms to ‘build’ a diamond crystal at the atomic level.  

 A thin slice of diamond, around 300 microns thick and 10x10mm, known as a ‘diamond seed’, is selected, thoroughly cleaned and placed in a sealed chamber.   

💎 The chamber is heated to around 800°C and flooded with carbon rich gas. 

 💎 The gas ionises, breaking down into pure carbon

💎  The pure carbon molecules attach to the original diamond seed

💎  This process continues until a fully formed diamond is created

CVD lab grown diamonds diagram ~ IGI

image ~ IGI

Are Lab Grown Diamonds real Diamonds?

The short answer is yes.  Lab Grown Diamonds are real diamonds.  Even under magnification, an experienced gemologist may struggle to differentiate between a Natural Diamond and a Lab Grown Diamond.  

Lab Grown Diamonds are not ‘fakes’.  As I mentioned above, they are chemically identical to natural diamonds.  The technical difference is that they aren’t millions of years old.  Using the methods above, they can be created in between 1-4 weeks.  Once grown, they are polished with the same tools and brought to market in the same manner as natural diamonds. 

Specialist equipment is needed to determine if a diamond is natural or lab grown.

Do Lab Grown Diamonds look the same?

Yes, in casual viewing Lab Grown Diamonds are identical to Natural Diamonds.  An experienced jeweller or gemologist may, under a loupe, be able to identify characteristics which point to a Lab Grown origin but when worn they are indistinguishable from Natural Diamonds.

Are Lab Grown Diamonds Graded in the same way as Natural Diamonds?

Yes.  Lab Grown Diamonds and Natural Diamonds are all graded using the ‘four c’s’ which are Carat, Colour, Cut & Clarity.  

Are Lab Grown Diamonds less expensive?

Yes.  Lab Grown Diamonds are a lower price than a comparable Natural Diamond.

Which is better, a Lab Grown Diamond or a Natural Diamond?

Neither Diamond is a ‘better’ choice, as with all jewellery it depends on what is most important to you.  If you would like someting of a natural origin that has the history and story of being in the Earth then a Natural, Earth Mined Diamond is a good choice.  If price is an important factor then a Lab Grown Diamond may be better for you.

To compare and contrast, have a play on our Bespoke Ring Creator here.  This will allow you to choose the setting of your ring and make a choice between Natural and Lab Grown Diamonds.  You’ll be able to compare the price and see the choice of diamonds we have to offer.  If you are looking for a particular grade of diamond then do ask , we work with diamond specialists and can search to a certain specification.

pear shaped lab grown diamond


I hope this has been a useful guide to the difference between Lab Grown Diamonds and Natural Diamonds.  If you have any further questions then do feel free to get in touch we’re always happy to chat about diamonds.

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