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Newly Engaged or considering a refresh for your Engagement Ring?  In today’s blog we’ll have a closer look at the trend of the ‘hidden halo’ and discover why it could make your Engagement Ring extra special.

What is a Hidden Halo?

A hidden halo is a subtle way of adding extra sparkle to your Engagement Ring.

The accent diamonds are set beneath the centre diamond and attract the eye in a wonderful way.

The discreet placement of these accent diamonds means they cannot be seen when your ring is viewed from above, giving the illusion that the centre diamond is floating.  When viewed in profile from the side these diamonds give an additional twinkle.
hidden halo platinum oval engagement ring

Hidden Halo vs Halo

So what’s the difference between a hidden halo and a halo?

A halo ring has a circle of diamonds surrounding the centre gemstone.  This style gained popularity in the Victorian Era as it represented a blooming flower.  The blossoming love between a newly betrothed couple was a popular and romantic symbol.  Designs from this era usually had a coloured gemstone as the centre with a diamond halo.

The classic halo ring which we see today has origins in the Art Deco period.  The straight lines, geometric patterns and symmetry from the era made the halo Engagement Ring a perfect fit.

The traditional halo can be viewed from the top and is often used to make the centre diamond or gemstone appear bigger.  The hidden halo can only be viewed from the side and is used to add a surprise sparkle and to give a contemporary look as the diamond appears to float.  The light captured by these diamonds also gives an added allure.

hidden halo cushion cut engagement ringWear and Care details

A hidden halo Engagement Ring does need a little more care than her traditional counterpart.  Here are a few things to keep in mind…

Your hidden halo has intricate details in the setting which will require cleaning, especially if there is a build up of lotions & potions!  We do offer cleaning for all jewellery purchased from us at Adorn and you can also easily clean your ring at home with a soft toothbrush (no toothpaste required) and mild, warm soapy water.

To allow your hidden halo to sparkle, the centre diamond will sit higher than some other designs.  Care should be taken not to knock the setting and your ring shouldn’t be worn for sport, gym or gardening etc.

If your ring is well cared for then she’ll be with you for life.  Our traditional artisanship, care and attention to detail combined with cutting edge technology guarantees longevity and durability.  We pride ourselves on exceptional quality and a highly skilled team.

pear shaped engagement ring hidden haloWhy choose a hidden halo?

Subverting the traditional means that this style is perfect for people who like to go against the grain.  More subtle than the traditional halo, it’s a definite talking point and a wonderful way to add quiet style to your Engagement Ring.

Emerald Cut Rose Gold Engagement Ring with hidden halo

Which celebrities wear a hidden halo ring?

From Catherine Zeta-Joes to Rosie Huntingdon-Whitely, the hidden halo Engagement Ring remains super popular with celebrities.  They also adorn the finger of Kim Kardashian and Hailey Beiber.  

Platinum Princess Cut Diamond Engagment Ring with hidden halo

Good to know…

We can create your beautiful hidden halo Engagement Ring with your choice of natural or Lab Grown Diamonds.  We also offer a choice of precious metals and if you prefer, a coloured gemstone.  Discover different styles and personalise your love story with our Bespoke Ring Creator .

round brilliant Engagement Ring with hidden haloReady to start creating the Engagement Ring of your dreams?  Get Creative

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